Payroll Login

Running a business is about time and money. Unfortunately, maintaining
a workforce often consumes more than its fair share of both. As an
experienced PEO, C&S is equipped to take on all the responsibilities
related to employing staff at your business. Partnering with C&S gives you
the advantage of reduced hassles, complications, paperwork and expense.
And you'll never have to worry about getting caught off guard by rapid
changes in labor, tax and insurance laws. Bottom line: You run a business.
C&S makes sure it won't run you.

No need to tackle it yourself.

Some business owners go it alone. Other businesses bring on a full-time team member
to get in-house HR expertise only to end up paying an employee who is not contributing
directly to the bottom line. Smart businesses use C&S. C&S offers you access to an
entire team of HR experts, so you don't have to become one, nor have one permanently
on staff.

No need to spend hours on paperwork.

Your day is as full as your desk. The last thing you want is to have to burn the midnight
oil on forms and files. With C&S, you don't have to. Our services include maintaining
employee records, running payroll summary reports and completing all filings to ensure
your business is compliant with all federal, state and local tax laws. We even handle
claims for workers' comp and unemployment, because your time is better spent on
revenue-generating initiatives.

No need to pay multiple vendors.

C&S is a single provider who can handle it all-payroll processing, benefits administra-
tion,insurance coverage, workers' comp-often at a fee lower than you may pay other
providers for payroll services alone. If cost savings isn't enough, think of the time you'll
save by having to deal with only one outside vendor for all your HR needs.

No need to compete without having top-level benefits.

C&S helps you make your business more attractive to high-quality workers by improv-
ing your benefits packages. For example, partnering with C&S allows you to offer your
employees a competitive 401(k) plan without expensive audits required to implement
your own.